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The Mayan God of the Underworld, Bolon Yokte K’u, is at his strongest when the star Sagittarius A is aligned with the center of our galaxy (also known as the Dark Rift). This happens every 5,000 years, and this alignment is occurring right now in the year 2012.

Aided by a giant, mythological puma made of stone, K'u intends to network the Valley of the Volcanoes (in ) with the molten rivers of Xibilba (Mayan Hell), and erupt them all at once. This will ruin the atmosphere of the planet, causing plants, animals and even humans to expire.

5,000 years ago in Central America, K’u tried this same ploy. But a Mesoamerican Creation God, Viracocha, stopped him. After being contacted by William Aether (the ESOU psychic), Viracocha has agreed to help the ESOU because the puma aiding K’u is actually a creation of Viracocha’s. However, Viracocha lacks followers and is weak compared to the God that was able to stop K’u years ago. Unruffled, K’u is ready for his vision to become a reality, a new beginning...for a DARK WORLD.







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