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After the Elementals Inc. meeting concludes, Tommy asks the super team to stay in the room and dismisses everyone else. Tommy brings up a rather sticky subject on what they should do with supervillains. As they keep escaping prison and pose a real threat. His solution is the death sentence. F.I.S.H. agent, Mary Lo, has bugged the room and reports back to her superiors immediately. This new turn in events can't be too good. However, Tommy is one step ahead of them... as he and Lawrence have setup equipment to listen in on Mary Lo and now know she is spying on them. Nevertheless, Tommy continues with his speech to the Elementals as he thinks this is the natural way for them to progress and he also knows F.I.S.H. will be getting the information at the same time. Ultimately, Tommy proposes that they form a Super nation. Gathering others like them and creating a bigger force that will be more ready for things like the Oblivion invasion. However, for those paranormals who will not join them and continue to be a menace to society...they will have to face the ultimate fate doled out by this Super nation.

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