This is why we need a transmutation power listing.

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It's frikkin' awkward to check off the powers list for characters who have this apparently fairly common power of turning one kind of stuff into other kinds of stuff. Makeshifts like Reality Alteration are too powerful, while things like elemental control (Earth, air, etc.) are generally too limited.

I've seen a dozen or more characters with transmutation whose power list is a kluged-together mess that still really fails to cover what they actually do in the comics. Is there a way to add a new power to the checklist? (Yes, Noob here).

Any help would be appreciated.

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No, only the site admins can add new powers. If there still isn't the power your looking for in the soon to come update, then just make a request on the forums.

If your asking about how to add a power onto the character, in that case go to edit the page and there should be the power list on the right side, select the power using the scroll bar.
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