Who's In Your Mind? - Elektra

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There’s been talk in forums about Jennifer Garner’s performance in the movie, and reviews/opinions about the movie itself. This isn’t about that.
This is about who we, as readers and fans, imagine in our heads to be the best Elektra as we read the books.
Here’s what I mean: I am a huge fan of the character when Frank Miller created her, and have every appearance she was in until she came back from the dead (the first time). Because of this, I’m not influenced by Greg Horn’s covers. So when I read those issues of Daredevil, Bizarre Adventures and even What If?, I picture Melina Kanakaredes. She’s Greek, statuesque, and looks like she could pull off the moves and be the character.
In reality, I don’t think she’d ever play the role, and I don’t think casting agents would ever offer the role to her, but she’s Elektra to me.
Who’s in your mind?  

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I sorta liked Jennifer Garner to play her role

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Jennifer Garner wasn't bad. I don't agree about Melina Kanakaredes.

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Yeah, I liked Jennifer in the movie too. 
All I'm saying is that she's not who comes to mind when I read the comics.

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I think Garner was great in Daredevil... but in the Elektra movie is just couldn't get into the fact she was meant to be this amazing badass warrior assasin, personally a stronger female actor would've been better (oh and the Elektra movie itself was appauling in my opinion)
maybe.... Alice Braga, i saw her recently in Predators and she was surprisingly effective as a tough black ops woman, although she may not be the same ethnicity as Elektra

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