Garage Review: Elektra #1 (1996)

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Great review

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Elektra the dancer = electrifying!


Reminds me of that Grease song... "Cause the power you're supplying It's electrifying!  You're the one that I want!  Ooh bop shoo bada bada... ooh ooh ooh honey!" 

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Haha I love these reviews from the garage. What compelled you to start doing them G-Man?
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I do love Mike Deodato's art.....

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MIke D's art looks really diffrent than it does now.
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dude, your star wars toys kick ass.

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Love the intro!

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@mickoreo_LZ: Probably because I lost my "lair" when we moved into the city and the fact that I have a bunch of my garage. 
@Silverwolf: Maybe I should do another video showing some of my maybe on Monday...
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Oh yes, I remember this issue. Totally dug the art.

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Actually, during the time of ninja. The women had a special class in the ninja field. They were call Kunoichi. The name comes from the strokes that make up the kanji for woman 女(onna) . く(ku) ノ(no) 一(ichi) They were specifically trained in various forms on infiltration, seduction, and assassination.
@Jordanstine said:

" Elektra the dancer = electrifying!"
I wonder if she dances to the Electric Boogie by Marcia Griffiths? "It's Electric!"
What I don't quite get. Why does she have to explain to Wolverine that she's dancing as a job??
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I read this back when it came out, so I don't remember the story, but from everything you said, I'd rate it barely a 2.

#12 Posted by Om1kron (1219 posts) - - Show Bio

 pretty much. 
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That review was absurdly sublime!

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great review; I always look forward to seeing this segment each week.  
That artwork is just superb

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That seems like a horrible first issue.  The art looks great.

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I love G-Man reviews. 

#18 Posted by saiyan_earthling (5879 posts) - - Show Bio

That series was amazing.

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Not bad, G-Man. I'll have to believe all that when I see the comic. And that should be easy. Three words: Half-Price-Books. Ever hear of it? 
I'd actually pick that issue up. The way I get my comics from the Big Two, I just mainly go for issues that were either milestones or turning points in a series, and the first and last issues (example: Nova #1 (1994) and Thunderstrike #1 (1993)). The only exception (or one of them) is how I'm currently collecting all the comics that tied in to Crisis on Infinite Earths (of which I am becoming a historian on).
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Wasn't she always into ballet going back to Frank Miller?

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@Icon said:
" I love G-Man reviews.  "
Thanks! Tell your friends.
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I loved this series! Much more than the 2000s one (which often used awful crappy cgi the plot was fun in this older one!)

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This series really was just not good at all imo 
OOC Elektra, bad dialogue, and just way to many shifts from happy to grim dark. 
 I think the only issues I liked from this ongoing were the ones written by Larry Hama.
The Marvel Knights ongoing was a lot better.

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@G-Man:  dam is your garage just full of comics or is there actualy car space lol. Great review
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Good. Old timer books are the best because you forget about them

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Sliders is one of my favorite sci-fi shows. Man, that brings back memories. Hate to see it that got cancelled.   
By the way, I saw the Elektra movie and it was horrible. That movie has so much potential. Oh geez. Anyway, I did watch Daredevil: Director's Cut and it was better than Elektra. 
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Awesome pick Tony! this was the first off the self issue #1 I ever purchase, Electra was always my favorite Marvel Girl too bad her movie tanked, but hey at least she got one right! =)
Keep'em coming Tony

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G-MAN is that the best G.I. JOE message of the day you can come up with? Kids don't forget to take your Vitiams. Remember knowing is half the battle. The lesson at the end has to be strong. So it can impact all those kids out there. :)  Great Review.
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Thanks G-Man! I actually did forget to take my vitamins today.  Time to remedy the situation.  *crosses fingers for vitamin that grants super-powers*

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