Elektra, Assassin For Hire in December

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Elektra has always been a complex character. I think for the most part, she's always tried to be a "good" character. She had a troubled past and getting killed didn't help things.  
In the 1996 volume of Elektra, she did her best to stay on the side of the angels. I recall she even took in a teenage girl to try to steer her on the proper path.  
But things are never easy for Elektra. She managed to survive getting abducted and replaced by Skrulls before the Secret Invasion started. We just saw her back in proper form kicking major butt in her Shadowland one-shot. So what's next for Ms. Natchios? 
Marvel has released a teaser for a book coming out in December apparently called "Assassin For Hire." No other information is available. I'm sure we can all agree that being an assassin is a bad job. Even if she tries only killing "bad guys" for money, killing is killing. It should be interesting to see what leads Elektra to taking this route once again and what the other heroes in the Marvel Universe will think when they find out. 
Does this sound like something you'd be interested in? 
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Love the artwork...  
Elektra will be like Dexter (Showtime) - Good (a cop) by day... Bad (serial killer) by night. 
It's good to be bad, and so bad to be good. 
The best of both worlds...    
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great looking cover

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Hmm I hope this is an ongoing series, Elektra used to be Marvel's premier Heroine, but her popularity seems to of been fading in recent years. Shame because she's one of my all time favs.   

Although if it is an ongoing, I'm not sure how long it will last before it's cancelled, Elektra hasn't had the best history with ongoing series'...   
Also seems that Harvey Tolibao is involved with it, and if his work on the Psylocke mini series is anything to go buy, then this will be worth picking up! 

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I have read a lot of Elektra books and none of them have made me feel attracted to this character. Nothing about her says that I should read about her... but I am open minded, I'll probably read the first issue and test out the title.

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@sora_thekey:  i agree, nothing screams to me. I dont care for kill tho so maybe thats it.
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Looks pretty cool but kinda reminds me of the new Titans story.

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Way better than the Movie.

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@sora_thekey said:
"I have read a lot of Elektra books and none of them have made me feel attracted to this character. Nothing about her says that I should read about her... but I am open minded, I'll probably read the first issue and test out the title. "
You took the words right outta my mouth. Not exactually. But similar. 
Never been a fan or let alone even liked Elektra. She's always kind of been overlooked in my mind. 
I did enjoy the time when she was the leader for the hand, until she turned out to be a Skrull =/
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Assassin For Hire eh? For some reason it made me immediately think of "Heroes For Hire". I would not be surprised if we see more teasers of other characters with this slogan.

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Oh yeah. Electra doing what she does best, killing. She's a freakin ninja for god's sake, she needs to do ninja things!

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Oh, I would buy this. I would like this to be an ongoing. Great cover. Her rack is a bit too big but other than that, sexy.

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Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My day could not get any better

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Even the cover is a thousand times better than anything Deadpool.  I'm in.

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I wonder if it's just like a one shot or if she's actually getting her own thing but if so it'll probably only be like 20 issues but whatever it's still Elektra :)

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Sorry, but i think that Marvel really spoils their stories by these promos.

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Looks cool, who says our fav characters have to always be good, I mean Punisher kills, so does Wolvie, maybe she's just getting back to her roots.
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If Talibao is doing the work......All I have to say is SOLD!!!!!
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I am getting that

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Cool :)
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@604comics said:
" Oh, I would buy this. I would like this to be an ongoing. Great cover. Her rack is a bit too big but other than that, sexy. "
Well, I'm sure she's made enough money killing folk to get work done. "Elektra: Implants for Hire."
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I enjoyed Elektra's Shadowland one-shot more than enough to give this book a serious look.

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I like Elektra going back to her murderous bad ass roots. Some charcters are destined to be better bad ass e.g Elektra Wolverine.

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I've only ever been into Elektra as a side character to Daredevil, but seeing as I don't really feel like getting into the convoluted DD titles right now, maybe I'll get into this when it's inevitably released.

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Anyone know who is doing the art for this one?

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This better be good.Marvel owes Elektra fans big time.This could be her time to shine again.

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Good to see Elektra get her own issue again.

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@haydenclaireheroes said:
" I am getting that "
You spoke my mind.
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Works for Deadpool.  
Although, Eletktra has never been funny. And I liked that '96 Deodato series. There were some gems in that short series.

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Elektra: Assassin is probably one of my favorite comics of all time, but I've been pretty disappointed by most non-Miller interpretations of the character. I'll probably check this out with wild optimism only to be let down, but it's the price Elektra fans pay.

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Great news!
Will this be a new mini or a full on-going series?
I liked her 90s series, but her 2000s series was..kinda..bad.. :(
I mean, even the art was quite ugly in the first ~10 issues or so..

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Nice cover!

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@Krakoa: If the guy who wrote Dark Rein: Elektra and Shadowland: Elektra is writing it i'm sure we won't be dissapointed
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that cover looks real good

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ill buy it im a Huge Elektra mark and taken how we've  been let down for a while its time Elektra gets back her Spotlight!!!

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