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Elektra confronts the Kuroyama in her burning New York apartment as he threatens her friend, Nina. Kuroyama incapacitates Elektra, who can only watch as the assassin kills Nina.

At Nina's funeral, Elektra is accosted by her friend's family who blame her for the death. That night, distraught and directionless, she informs her lover Mackinlay Stewart that she's leaving for a time, then seeks out Stick for advice.

The next night, having contacted Wolverine, the pair invade the lair of the Hand, leaving a trail dispatched ninjas who dissolve into smoke. They find Kuroyama, and the fight ensues. As they battle, the ninja taunts Elektra that what her heart seeks can be found only "between Mercy and Wrath". She runs him through with her sword.

As she questions Kuroyama's parting words, Wolverine explains Mercy and Wrath are two mountains in Japan, between which lies a valley housing a stronghold of the Hand. Elektra knows now where she must go.

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