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485761 MK5 Character Overview Added that Electro changed his mind from electric bombs to attempting his previously failed attempt of absorbing the city's electricity. 07/17/14 03:50PM 12 Approved
462368 N00beditor3 Character Overview 06/17/14 11:59PM 1 Approved
449457 Kairan1979 Character Overview 06/01/14 11:47AM 73 Approved
449442 Eleup_o Character Overview I added "In The Amazing Spider-Man 2." after the TASM2 entry in the Movies section, and added a photo on the side. 06/01/14 10:20AM 0 Denied
57516 swungomonkey Character Overview the first appearance on the right side is wrong. his first is amazing spiderman 9 not asm annual 1 05/11/13 02:23PM 1 Denied
57490 swungomonkey Character Guide Hey just added the best issues i could think of to this part of the electro page. Huge electro fan 05/11/13 02:10PM 72 Approved
50452 negativeman Character Overview 05/06/13 05:27AM 22 Approved
32022 Danial79 Character Overview 04/22/13 05:35PM 2 Approved
2414 MarvelMan1985 Character Overview 03/28/13 04:55AM 5 Approved

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