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Roy Pinto was an escaped prison convict who decided to keep a low profile. He opened his own aquarium under the name "Roy Peters". His specialty was electric eels. Constantly handling them mutated him, granting him immumity to electric shocks. He also could conduct electricity through his body and discharge it to electric shocks. Roy figured out it was his chance to return to crime and this time get rich. 
He designed special equipment to go with his powers. He would wait for a thunderstorm to begin and then ventured forth. Drawing electricity from the ligthning bolts, Roy could release powerful blasts. He gained a few easy victories before Aquaman figured his weakness. He had Topo covel itself with rubber and then sent it against the Electric Man. The loyal octopus was emporarily immune to electrical attacks and made short work of Pinto.  
Pinto would return to face Aquaman and other heroes at various points.

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