El Zombo Movie, Undead Mexican Wrestlers Fans Rejoice!

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El Zombo Fantasma...I like the sound of it.  Alas, I have not read the comic from Dark Horse.  The more I hear about this, the more I become interested.  I think it's great when these sort of hidden gems get the chance to burst onto the big scene.  What is it about?
The story follows the mysterious murder of the world's most notorious Mexican wrestler who bargains his way out of an eternity of fiery damnation by returning to Los Angeles to play guardian angel to a troublesome teen, Belisa Montoya. He soon discovers that the teen is not what she seems and that their fates have been intertwined for centuries.
Mexican wrestlers?  Who can get enough of them?  Death Ray Films and Maya Entertainment  will be bringing the undead wrestlers not only to the big screen but other mediums as well.  There are already plans for an animated series.
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No love for the Mexican wrestlers?  Uh oh, there goes the idea for our next video...

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umm...... who is in it?

it sounds.....

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Who's in what?  Our next video or this movie?  I have no idea.  I somehow missed the comic when it came out.  Just sounds so wacky it's gotta be good.  An undead Mexican wrestler?  Instant money-maker.  I've just been seeing reports on the movie at a bunch of other sites and Dark Horse sent me a press release today.

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I meant who is in the movie.... idk.. wrestlers dont rock my boat...

Ill research it myself!

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They're not just wrestlers...they're Mexican wrestlers.  That's a whole other thing (although I can't say I know much about it, I just like the masks).

Here's the rest of the press release:

El Zombo Fantasma, published by Dark Horse Comics in 2005, created by David Wilkins and Kevin Munroe, will be produced under the Death Ray Films banner recently formed by Chris Patton, Kevin Munroe and Robert Sanchez who are currently in production on War Monkeys.

Death Ray Films and Maya Entertainment will bring tales of the undead masked wrestler to multiple mediums starting with the live action feature followed by a new animated series.

Kevin Munroe will write and direct with Chris Patton and Robert Sanchez producing. Wilkins and Munroe will co-produce. Mike Richardson will executive produce for Dark Horse Entertainment.

Jose Martinez and Kellvin Chavez will produce along with Academy Award nominee Moctesuma Esparza who will executive produce for Maya Entertainment.

“Zombo started years ago as just a geeky idea between two friends who worked at the same video game company,” says Munroe. “But Dave and I always knew that the property had a broader appeal than just its publishing roots, and now we'll see it finally reach an entirely new audience. I'm thrilled to be a part of creating this new breed of superhero for the big screen.”

"As a Cuban-American in this industry, I see El Zombo as a unique property that will not only showcase Latinos but also appeal to all audiences. It has action, romance, redemption and wrestling, it's a Latin Hellboy," says Robert Sanchez. "It's the perfect date movie!"

“El Zombo is an extremely cool superhero and it's tremendous, pile-driving fun,” says Kellvin Chavez. “As a fan of wrestling, I used to watch 'Santo, el Enmascarado de Plata' one of the most famous Mexican free wrestlers, so I was excited by this project.”

“We are excited to work with Death Ray and Dark Horse on El Zombo as it furthers our goal of bringing Latino themes and Latino talent to the commercial market,” says Jose Martinez Jr. for Maya.  “We plan to blow this out in a big way so that everyone can enjoy this awesome idea.

"Perfect date movie"?
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hmm if they handle it well it could be awesome!

I dont know any of the people managing it.. and IMDB let me down :-(

oh well we shall see

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I checked there too.  Nada. 

See?  That's Mexican for "nothing."  (Yes I know "Mexican" isn't a language...)

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LMAO i know im so sad... IMDB never lets me down....


yes im a 30year old woman who calls her father Daddy.. -_-

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???  I tried looking up "My Daddy" but got directed to THIS page.

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Ah.  Then maybe he could direct your "video."

#12 Posted by .Mistress Redhead. (27118 posts) - - Show Bio

he wouldnt get it.... lol

#13 Posted by G-Man (19195 posts) - - Show Bio

Wouldn't get what?  The role?  No nepotism in your family?  Or would you insist on directing yourself?

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oh our family has nepotism.. most of the shows listed in their i have been in as an extra :-P

he dont get this stuff... the rpg ing i do.. he old school acting type

and yeah im a bit of a director myself :-P

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Uh oh.  Maybe we'll have a daddy-daughter movie competition?  Here's what you should do, you direct him in a video and he directs you.  I suppose you'd have to come up with a costume idea for him if he doesn't exactly get it.

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LMAO actually i have two pics of my dad when I was younger taking me out trick or treating..

one he is dressed like Indiana Jones the other Tom Baker Dr who! so he kinda gets it!

I will ask him if he keen! but he lives in another state...

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There's that commute thing again...

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Hey if CV are willing to fund the project.....

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Hahahahahahahahahhaha...we'd need actual income coming into the site first.

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there goes my evil plan! :-P

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