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The Vejigante is a spirit as old as time itself that passes from one host to the next. The host chosen is usually a person who needs to redeem themselves from past mistakes. Once a person feels they are worthy enough to move on, they pass it to the next person. As El Vejigante, they cannot leave the homeland of Puerto Rico and swear to defend it against evil. 

Miguel Rodriguez 

Miguel enlisted in the Army after the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01. But on his first mission, an IED exploded next to his platoons Humvee. Instead of being brave and helping his fellow troops, he cowered and eventually ran away, his entire platoon meeting their deaths. He was discharged from the Army and went into therapy, but no amount of talking and pills could make his guilt go away.  
He became an alcoholic for years and even that could not help him forget. It was then he was met by the Vejigante and given his one chance to make a difference in his life and others by protecting the land he loved - Puerto Rico.  

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