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El Toro Fuerte is a mexican luchador who was reputed to have never lost a match in his career. He was the champion of his ring and had may adoring fans including Paco is greatest fan and eventual apprentice. El Toro Fuerte had unknowingly come into posseion of the Ox Talisman of Shendu. Thje Ox Talsiman grants superhuman strength to its wielder and Toro unknowingly aquired this strength when he included the talisman into his luchador mask which he never removes. El Toro is often heard saying "EL Toro Fuerte never removes his mask". When Jackie Chan began his quest to aquire the 12 talismans he located the Mexican Temple where it was oringally hidden. After a brief fight with the dark hand Jackie notice the talisman was already gone. After a walk through town Jade and Jackie notice a picture of the talisman on El Toro's flier and went to retrieve it. After trying stealth Jackie was forced to fight El Toro in the ring for it. El Toro easliy one due to the power of the Ox and his experice within the ring. El Toro was later attacked by the Dark Hand and soundly defeated Tohru by throwing him ontop of a car. Once Jackie had caught up to El Toro they were ambushed by Shadowkhan. After a drag out fight El Toro's mask was removed and the Shadowkhan disappered with both the Talisman and Jackie Chan. Realizing the truth El Toro fell into a depression and needed a pep talk from Jade to gain the backbone to help her rescue Jackie. Once at the airfield where the Dark Hand was preparing to take off El Toro squared off with Tohru on equal terms proving they were almost equal in strength. Jackie meanwhile was hanging for dear life outside the plane in mid-flight. Once Jackie was onboard he, El Toro, and Tohru noticed Jade Chan had knocked out the pilot and was flying the aircraft. After crash landing in the Mexican town El Toro and Jackie Chan teamed up to take down Tohru with El Toro even refusing to use the Ox Talisman claiming he would rather lose with honor than win through deception. After Tohru defeated both with a quick backhand Jade palced the Ox Talisman on her belt and  Kicked Tohru through a building. El Toro's prclamation gave him his honor and Paco's admiration once again.

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