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El Gladiator is considered to be the leader of the Lucadores Five, even though he garners little respect from his team. He's the self appointed defender of East L.A. Protecting the city is his main occupation since his -adoptive- parents support him. As a result he is a staunch critic of any team member holding a job. He also disapproves of any Luchadores having a girlfriend - not because he is single himself, as some mean spirited gossipers would have it, but because he strongly believes that these relationships weaken the gang.

He likes to sleep in late and has a weakness for afternoon TV shows. He drives a Pontiac Firebird, which has seen better days and claims that his understanding of the world is based on a complex philosophy of his own, too complex for anyone else to grasp. He contends that he is of Aztec origin and displays an ancient medal to back his claim. King Karateka says he saw El Gladiator purchase it a the 99 cents only store.

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