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El Conquistador is ready to fight.

El Conquistador came into conflict with the X-Men when he appropriated an experimental solar generator. He kidnapped Beast's parents and then forced him to steal the generator from a government facility. He promised Beast that his parents would be released unharmed once he retrieved the device. Beast successfully infiltrated the facility and stole the generator. The rest of the X-Men (Cyclops, Iceman and Angel) were able to locate Beast with the help of Cerebro. A fight ensued, and El Conquistador was defeated when the solar generator was activated. Apparently Professor X used his telekinetic abilities to alter its circuits and El Conquistador was hit with a surge of electricity.


El Conquistador was created by Arnold Drake and Werner Roth and first appeared in X-Men # 51.

Powers & Abilities

El Conquistador is an electrical genius and has produced a number of defensive and offensive weaponry. He has an electric energy shield that can repel certain attacks and individuals. He also has an electric sword that pops out two metal prongs on the side to form a kinetic trident. This weapon is capable of delivering 5,000 volts of energy.

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