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When masters of the troops die in the clone wars we see Zonder, Drake Lo'gaan and Ekria group together as a small team with new leaders; Aayla Secura and Barriss Offee. Erika being a skilled swordsman aided Secura in a rescue mission of one of the new leaders, Barriss Offee, but ran into heavy fire. Ekria, alone, managed to escape and returned to Zonder and Lo'gaan to form a small trio and survived, against all odds, in the Great Jedi Purge (a war).

It was no surprise that the three would encounter trouble in this war, but ho would have guessed that Darth Vader himself would have kidnapped one of the three; Lo'gaan. Ekria fought bravely to rescue him. Ekria rescued him successfully in a tight squeeze and following this event she used her astute knowledge (and hacking skills) to erase all data of the trio from all databases so the 3 would never be threaten by such forces again.


Ekria is a character created by Paul Ens for the Star Wars Expanded Universe and did not appear in the films. She first appeared in the Evasive Action Web-Comics. She is based on Ens' favorite Star Wars character Zakarisz Ghent, a character from the Thrawn Trilogy who is also a Barolian. Ekria isn't a main character and therefore it is hard to trace any of her appearances, apart from the Star Wars Encyclopaedia.

Powers and Abilities

She is said to be an attractive female with various gadgets and weapons such as laser pistols and laser rifles. She has excellent swordsmanship with her lightsaber and her being a jedi its no surprise she has Telekinesis. She has astute knowledge along with excellent technique with an arsenal of weapons.


Ekria has virbrant purple hair with supposed brown eyes and often wears a cloak in a greenish-gray color. Her height is 5ft7 and weight is approximately 85lbs.

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