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Powers and Abilities

Eis Shenron is the Shadow Dragon of the Three Star Ball and one of the most powerful of the Dragons. Eis Shenron is the twin brother of Nuova Shenron and his opposite in personality and abilities. Eis can control Ice to freeze his opponents with the hopes of shattering them. He is one of the three Shadow Dragons to actually compete with Goku's Super Saiyan 4 form. He can fire Ice Blasts long distance and can from ice across his own body, evident from when he used ice claws to slash Goku. Eis also as more conventional abilities seen in Dragon Ball, like flight via his wings, the ability to fire energy blasts. He is able to keep up with Goku's super speed and give him a decent beating. Eis is deceptive, preferring to attack weakened opponents and is cowardly when facing a foe who can defeat him.

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