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Ein The Wonder Dog 
Ein is a very perscious Data Dog, kept in a rescaerch faclity Ein was experimented on. Hakim a animal rights activiste steals him in order to sell him and free him from his captivite. Spike Spiegel takes the bounty that is now on Hakims head and set out to capture him, a fight breaks out between the two of them and Ein makes his escape. Ein (Einstien) finds himself picked up by a group of people who try and sell him, but the pet shop owner tells them that he is not worth much and is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Ein once again escapes and this time back into the hands of Harkim. Once again Spike and Harkim fight and Harkim is captured but Spike ends up with no money and decied to give Ein a home on Bebop (His Space Ship). 

Here Ein becomes good friends with Edward and Jet Black, but seems to have a dislike towards Faye. Even growling at her in the air lock. Later the two settle their diffrances and Ein becomes a big part of Edwards life, the two are almost never seen a part. Edward seems able to understand Ein, even jet to an extent can understand Ein and his behavior. Ein has shown his intellegance many time, making moves for Spike during a chess match with Jet and answering incoming calls for people (even when he can't talk). Ein remains a large part of the crew.    

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