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Eimin, twin sister to Uriel was born to Ichisumi and Archangel. Shortly after birth, she was stolen by Kang and taken to the future, being raised in the Kang Dynasty in a concentration camp.

Early in her life Kang took Eimin's sight after she attempted to escape the camps, and due to this she remained loyal to her adoptive father through her childhood.


Eimin was created by rick remender in uncanny x force the dark angel saga.

Powers & Abilities

Eimin is able to project a highly aggressive acid which has been augmented to burn through time itself, unhinging those struck by it from time and causing them to burn for a timeless eternity through an exponentially increasing intensity of pure agony.

Eimin can also see the future via Time-Space Synesthesia which allows her transform music into visions of the future

Eimin has bat-like wings which grants her flight.

Story Arcs

Ragnarok Now

Eimin and Uriel came from the future to stop the red onslaught, they plan to take all the mutants off Earth to Planet X to live as gods.

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