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The origin of Egghead is unknown.

All that is known is that Egghead is an egg-based sideshow villain from the Adam West Batman Show. He wears a yellow and white suit and has a shiny bald head, supposedly to resemble an egg. He uses egg-based weapons to thwart the Dynamic Duo, such as Laughing Gas that is easily reversed by Batman's "sad pill", radar eggs, stinking egg bombs, and tear gas eggs. And, according to the show, he is one of the smartest criminals in the world.

His appearances in the 60's show include: "An Egg Grown In Gotham" (his first appearance), "The Yegg Foes in Gotham," "The Ogg and I," "How to Hatch A Dinosaur," "The Ogg Couple," and several cameos in others. He has rarely appeared inside the comic book DCU.

Egghead was portrayed by Vincent Price in the Adam West Batman TV series.

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