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Eerie Archives is back and more beastly than ever with a sixth specter-packed volume! Eerie Archives Volume 6 includes work from such legendary artists as Gardner Fox, Vaughn Bodé, Richard Corben, Frank Frazetta, and others, illustrating stories by some of comics' most beloved writers, including Archie Goodwin, Nicola Cuti, and Doug Moench! Pick up one of these lovingly produced monsters and see why Eerie Archiveshas made multiple appearances on the New York Times bestseller list!

Collects Eerie #28-31.

The Hidden Evils

Servants of Satan stalk the streets of a Spanish village.

Beast in the Swamp

From out of mud and slime stalks a mind-boggling monster.

The Rescue Part

In the dark depths of a coal mine, doom and disaster lurk.

Follow Apollo

Lunar astronauts bring back samples of shivering terror.

Ice Scream

Thinking of freezing your form for the future? Here's a horror hitch cryogenic societies haven't considered.

Pit of Evil

Boxer Bert Meredith finds himself matched against the unknown.

The Last Train to Orion

A demonic disease eats at the heart of the universe.


Journey back through time with four travelers on a macabre mission.

The Fiend Planet

At the end of a century-long journey to the stars lies - horror!


A young warrior, traveling under a curse, encounters a plague of predicaments.

Gallery of Horror

Who knows what evil lurks in pigments of putrefaction?

The Vorpal Sword

A brave knight discovers there is more than one way to get a close shave.

Strange Gateway

A mystic mirror ushers the unsuspecting to - where?

Snow Job

A terror-trek to the high Himalayas in search of the legendary Abominable Snowman.

The Entail

Prince Von Raffen is offered a throne...but the price is horrifyingly high!

Mirror, Mirror

Introducing October Weir, investigator of the Supernatural, who discovers more lurks in some mirrors than reflections.

The Life Species

Here's a hi-test treat to get you folks waggin' your tails, and barking, as you chase this tale down the street - or it chases you!

I, Werewolf

A fine repast; story porridge, grue stew, ballad salad, and art.

In Close Pursuit

Businessman Henry Fellows suddenly finds himself stalked by a phantom figure.

The Return of Amen-Tut

An Egyptian sorcerer makes a a mummy.

The Creation

Dr.Dubrow uses modern surgery techniques to become a latter-day Frankenstein.

Point of View

A future where Old Mother Earth ain't what she used to be.

The Drop

Two teenagers trip out terror-style.

The Devil's Hand

Give Cousin Eerie a great big hand for this startling story.

The Alien Plague

Ever had the feeling that something happened before, and is happening again?

The Oasis

The story of a few soldiers, a few spiders, and a great big desert.

Lady in Ice

Another chilling adventure with October Weir.

Killer Slime

Slithering, writhing evil oozes under the streets of New York.

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