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Join Frank Frazetta, Steve Ditko, John Severin, Gene Colan, Angelo Torres, and other legendary artists for an eerie excursion through the haunted halls of comics history, as Dark Horse Comics unleashes the fourth big volume of Eerie magazine archives. Vampires, ghouls, werewolves, and ax-wielding maniacs are only the beginning of the thrills you'll find inside this huge collection crafted by the most gifted storytellers the medium of comics has ever known. You'll get 260 pages of luridly luscious artwork collected into a magazine-sized, dust-jacketed hardcover.

Collects Eerie #16-22.

Dracula's Guest

You'd have to have bats in your belfry to want to take advantage of this invitation for a weekend in the country.

Big Time Operator

Is your hospitalization paid up? No matter, this is one doctor who's in business for the fun of it.

Sara's Forest

Are you a Nature-Lover? Then you'll love this delightful little tale of the Wood-nymph called Sarah.

Evil Spirits

Those who have traveled to the world beyond have much to say to those still in this world. See what lovely Cynthia Brent has to say about this.

The Monument

Architect Evan Slater constructs a blue print for death.

Ahead of the Game

Big game hunter Harry Black bags a trophy of terror.

The Final Solution

Try this scientific answer to a vicious problem.

The Mummy Stalks

Across 3000 years, death reaches into a British museum.

To Save Face

A has been actress finds her youth slipping away...much to her dismay.

Dressed To Kill

An ancient curse unmasks a hidden fate for a terrified traveler.

Demon Sword

Weird weapons are used as good and evil war within one man.

The Death of Halpin Frasier

Here's a ghostly reminder certain to take your breath away.

Hard Luck

A wild, insane tale that takes you straight into lunacy.

Cry Fear, Cry Phantom

An avenging specter haunts the halls of an old mansion.

A Change of Pace

A stunned scientist unlocks a startling secret and is shockingly surprised.

The Jungle

Shrunken head fanciers find a curse attached.

Vampire Slayer

Baron Alexi pounds his point home when dealing with the undead.

Trial By Fire

Politics and witchcraft prove an inflammatory combination.

Side Show

Terror turns a flashing fairway into a chilling carnival of blood curling chaos.

Tomorrow's Reminder

Join this mind blinding space race as we flash toward the fury of a brain battering finish.

Dark Kingdom

One man fights alone in a land of terror.

Dark House of Dreams

A young painter discovers the fine art of horror.

Monstrous Mistake

A slightly sadistic surgeon bungles his butchery and creates a fearsome creature feature.

The Squaw

Bram Stoker's startling study of revenge in a torture chamber.

Unfeeling Heart

Follow a frustrated fellow who fabricates a fake friendship into a pounding predicament.

Round Trip

A perplexing passenger turns a taxi trip into a one way reckoning!

The Cloak of Darkness

Walk with a wizard, through the scorched catacombs of Satan's sanctuary.

The Cave of the Druids

A Soldier of Rome dares mortal combat with a legion of demons.

The Fall of the House of Usher

E. Allen Poe impales our imaginations upon the quill of his fuming fantasy!

Dark Rider

Cousin Eerie leads a writhing ride into the weird west.

Point of View

You'll be crazy about this story set in a madhouse.


A fatal flaw finishes in the frenzy of a frantic finale!

Terror in the Tomb

In a forbidden crypt, two men duel with a mummy.

A Fatal Diagnosis.

What happens when the symptoms of a shocking sickness unsheet a shattering solution?

Warrior of Death.

Merciless barbarian Zahran arranges a demoniacal deal with the Grim Reaper.

House of Fiends

Duties bring a young doctor to a gloomy and strange old house, and its even stranger occupants.

Family Curse!

An unexpected twist of fate produces a paralyzing answer to the fears of a perplexing past!

The Devil to Play

Join a medieval Duke who attempts to outwit a demon.

Permanent Members

What happens when a giggling gang of gameful gremlins turns a quiet night into a riot of fright.


Step into the wild world of a second rate reporter who discovers the story of the century!

Spirit of the Thing

Experimenting in thought transferal has grave consequences.

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