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When publisher Jim Warren created Creepy magazine in 1962, he soon realized he'd hit pay dirt on a gruesome gold mine of great comics storytelling. Under the leadership of editor/writer Archie Goodwin, Warren's hit line of horror-comics magazines grew another lurid limb with the introduction of Eerie in 1964, and soon there were two great horror magazines on the rack instead of one. Following in the fetid footsteps of our sinfully successful archive library of Creepy, Dark Horse is also proudly publishing its Eerie equivalent -- keeping chilling stories and incredible artwork in the family!

Collects Eerie #6-10.

The Cave of the Druids

A soldier of Rome dares mortal combat with a legion of demons.

Deep Ruby

Peer deeply into this sparkling gem and discover a world of the weird.

Running Scared

There's no hiding place when pursued by the unknown.

Curse of Kali

The Goddess of Blood demands terrifying vengeance.

Trial by FirePolitics and witchcraft prove an inflammatory combination.

Point of View

You'll be crazy about this story set in a madhouse.

The Changeling

Beneath a face of innocence, a dark brooding secret lies.

Witches' Tide

A wave of monsters sweep in from the sea.

It That Lurks

Prehistoric horror rises from the murk of a jungle pool.

Hitch-Hike Horror

Is it man or maniac extending his thumb for a lift?

The Defense Rests

But you won't after experiencing this shrieking shocker.


A moody masterpiece sure to give you a big buzz.

The Quest

Baron Von Strom's search for eternal life leads to terror.

Cry Fear, Cry Phantom

An avenging specter haunts the halls of an old mansion.


New glasses give a private eye a chilling new outlook.

Dark Rider

Cousin Eerie leads a writhing ride into the weird west.

Type Cast

Method actor Roland Bryce brings too much realism to horror roles.

The Day After Doomsday.

A loathsome look into the frightful future.

The Covered Bridge

British soldiers cross over the gulf of terror.


One side of a love triangle is a werewolf.

Demon Sword

Weird Weapons are used as good and evil war within one man.

Fair Exchange

Hubert Mannix regains his youth by changing bodies.

Rub the Lamp

A wish-granting lamp gives its owner more than he bargained for.

Terror in the Tomb

In a forbidden crypt, two men duel with a mummy.

The Wanderer

From a hospital morgue, a dead man walks.

Isle of the Beast

On Rochefort's island, the favorite prey is man.

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

Ambrose Bierce's classic tale of terror.

Experiment in Fear

Human guinea pigs are used by a Nazi scientist.

Warrior of Death

Merciless barbarian Zahran arranges a demoniacal deal with the Grim Reaper.

The Slugs

Amidst the treacherous swamp's reptiles and quicksand lurks something far more deadly, far more horrible


All man's science, technology, and reasoning are pitted against the incredible unknown.

Voodoo Drum

A witch doctor has the solution to the labor problems of a plantation - Zombies!

House of Fiends

Duties bring a young doctor to a gloomy and strange old house, and its even stranger occupants.

For the Birds

Down and out actor Stanhope uses his chosen talent to get away with murder.

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