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Slithering upon the heels of Dark Horse's archive collections of the seminal horror comics magazine Creepy comes its terror-filled cousin publication Eerie! Collected for fans for the first time ever, and packaged in the same amazing oversized format as our Creepy Archives, Dark Horse Comics has taken great, gruesome care in presenting this groundbreaking material to readers who have been waiting decades to get their claws on it. Eerie magazine, like its killer kin Creepy, features work from many of the masters of comics storytelling. For fans of spectacular spookiness, mind-bending sci-fi, and astonishing artwork, the Eerie Archives library is a must have.

Collects Eerie #1-5.

Image of Blue Beard

Police investigate a serial killer while one housewife suspects her own husband.

Death Plane

A squadron of pilots in the middle of war attempt to learn the identity of an unmarked airplane.

The Invitation a Baron

Attempts to appease vampires by throwing parties at which they can dine on the guest.

Footsteps of Frankenstein

A retired doctor pieces things together in his spare time.

One For De-Money

Have A lesson in conjuring up wealth...and death.

Eye of the Beholder

Gerald Lewis would do anything for his wife...even bring her back from the dead.

Flame Fiend

You'll have a hot time with this tale of burning vengeance.

To Pay the Piper

Plagued by vampires? Sandor can pipe hem away, for a price.

Vision of Evil

Cousin Eerie gives a paining lesson and proves fear is an art.

Ahead of the Game

Big game hunter Harry Black bags a trophy of terror.

Soul of Horror

Hideous evil descends upon a New England village.

The Lighthouse

Along the foggy Maine coast, a spectre figure seeks revenge.

Room With A View

Reservations are available, but you may have fear as a roommate.


Meet a mad-scientist, his hunchback assistant, and their latest creation.

Under the Skin

Beneath an actor's grease pain lies horror.

The Monument

Architect Evan Slater constructs a blueprint for death.

Full Fathom Fright

Plunge below the waves to find what lurks in he depth below.

House of Evil

Along corridors of moss and decay, a nameless horror stalks through a haunted house.

Hatchet Man

The city is covered with a cloak of fear as a homicidal maniac runs rampant.

Gnawing Fear

Experimenting with a new type a new type of rat poison produces strange results.

Shrieking Man

Cousin Eerie mixes grave robbing and insane asylums for a yell-yarn to drive you nuts.

Undying Love

Esmerellda's quite a girl...Beautiful, affectionate and.. A vampire!

Island at World's End

On an island forgotten by time, a monster you'll never forget.

The Mummy Stalks

Across 3000 years, death reaches into a British museum.

The Jungle

Shrunken head fanciers find a curse attached.

Black Magic

A bit of weird wizardry conjured up by Cousin Eerie.

A Matter of Routine

The supernatural interrupts George Simmons Well-ordered life.

Dr.Griswold's File: The good doctor solves money problems by looking under "Z" for zombie.

The Swamp God

Out of prehistory steps a man-eating horror.

Vampire Slayer

Baron Alexi pounds his point home when dealing with the undead.

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