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Dear Cousin Eerie

It seems as if #95 was a hit for most of our fans, as was the color section, but one objected to our editing policies for which we make no apologies. Problems arise due to mail volume, page space and repetition - we do what we have to, and hope it comes out right

Rook: Quarb & The War Ball

Hoot mon, 'es a 'airy one! Well, of course, my dear, hair is in these days(always has been really)! Restin Dane keeps bumping into this very hairy person in every epoch and it's always the same guy. Perhaps guyrilla is a better word!

The Comix Books

Brancatelli has nosed out more news from the troubled comic book industry. And what a flying mess it seems to be ! The nascent Comic Book Creators Guild is being ignored, there is turmoil at Marvel and D.C. and a Superman promo flood approaches!

Got You On My Mind

Where dit it all begin? A burning village, death, curses and pain. And something more. Something that connects you to humanity's nervous system as a conscience for every bad impulse that comes along. Agony without end, every day, until you go mad!

Honor and Blood

The fabulous generational sage of vampirism by Nick Cuti and Leo Duranona comes to its blood curdling climax in this issue. where are those blood-drained bodies coming from? Will the Vrykolas finally shed the ancient 400 year old curse of the vampire?







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