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Dear Cousin Eerie

Has poor old Mac Tavish bit the dust in our fans estimation or is it just too terrific a series for words? What in heavens name are all those heads in the The Shining Sea? So what's the verdict fans?

Within You, Without You

He was the only man for the job. She had lost her memory and was trapped in the Cretaceous. He had been her lover and would die for her! And that's why her husband picked and sent him.

Time and Time Again

Karen is so listless. Leyendecker was killed by a Tyrannosaur 100,000,000 years ago. Well, at-any-rate, that's one reptile you can settle a score with. Use a bazooka, but don't make a mistake!

Years and Mind Forever

Well, well looks as if Leyendecker is still up and around. And he's got something up his sleeve besides visions of grandeur. He's got the ancestor of the human race under a scalpel

The Comic Books

Brancatelli takes exception to the anonymous gremlin of the contents page who is the assistant editor Chris Adames. Otherwise Fandom's Favorite Feature writer reviews the previous 18 months of print!

Terror Beyond Time

An unholy monster from the past is spreading a net of traps across all the eras of time. Golden vortexes suck people down the centuries to a sargasso of numberless civilizations and for what purpose?







Story Arcs

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