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Dear Cousin Eerie

Has the Rook series gone from bad to worse...or is it still one of the most exciting series Eerie has ever offered? Has it lived up to its potential...or should the Rook have died many issues ago?

Fallen Angels

They fought with Lucifer in his rebellion against heaven, but repented before the final battle cast his legions into Hell. Earth is their prison, till final judgement names their homes for eternity!

Fallen Angels: Hit Man

As agents of Heaven and Hell on earth, the Angels are required to judge a soul totally evil before condemning it to Hell. Sometimes men judge themselves more harshly than angels dare!

Angels: Explosive issue

If a command is carried out that causes suffering and death, who is responsible? Those who issue the instructions...or those who simply do as bid...who chooses to "just follow orders"?

Brancaltelli: Comics

The recently enacted copyright law was created to protect the rights of creators involved in the media. So far it's done comics more harm than good. Do comics need any more problems?

Mac Tavis

Mac's lucrative speaking engagement on Rara Avis has netted him nothing but trouble. And the worst is yet to come when Mac visits the hide-out of his old compadre, Spider Andromeda!

The Ark

The heat had driven old Walk Simmons crazy, He'd started building a huge ship right in the middle of drought parched desert, like he thought he was Noah they'd laughed at him... till the first rain drops began to fall!

The Shining Sea

The world was blue-green seas and emerald isles, peopled bu air-breathing and gilled denizens ideally suited to their environment. There was but one place they dared not go...the dread Shining Sea!

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