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Dear Cousin Eerie

Well dear cuz Eerie is almost a 100! But my bindings are beginning to creak! I'm still spritely tho, as you can tell by this action backed ish! Keep those cards and letters coming! I need 'em!

Rook: Warrior

The Rook, Vampi and a whole mechanical crew do the Time Slip to a very prehistoric Earth! They arrive to do battle with the deadly Breez warriors but find a known enemy is easier to work with than not!

Comic Books

Is Brancatelli's bleak breakdown of comic book circulation sad reading or a touch of the blarney? Can DC make-it? Or will we all go the way of the dinosaur? What about Brancatelli? Can his words be true?

Super-Magic Basketball

The slums of the south side of Chicago aren't the places where second chances are given out. From Chicago to Vietnam and back again, a super-magic passion gives Willie another shot!

Faster Than a Whozit

No Supermen! Harlem is certainly a buy place these days! Albermar and Jiggs romp across rooftops only to discover the eeriest people around can't be called strangers in a strange land. Just folks!


Well there you are hauling your tail all over creation for your boss. Do you think he appreciates your efforts or understands a little quirk or two? No! You like nuts! Too bad that army was dehydrated and sent in cans!

Harrow House

Sitting on a hilltop in Main, squats an ugly Victorian apparition which seems to be a house. What is it really? Is it a gateway into a sinister dimension of evil? You are in for a harrowing experience!

Mac Tavish

Our hero. THE hero of the Milky way, joins the inter-stellar lecture circuit and speaks on Rara Avis. Nobody's number two, that rare bird, in a word Mac; jumps in, as it were, feet first to find things, very, very muddy!

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