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Dear Cousin Eerie

Does Eerie #91 signal the end of a legend? Does Brancatelli have any friends left? Is Abel Laxamana's art similar to Luis Bermejo's Can we afford silent fans? We certainly hope not! Read on!

The Rook

An untold story of Vampi''s arrival from Drakulon. Teaming up with the Rook, Vampi and Pantha fight the ultimate weapon of a dead stellar empire. Can our intrepid intergalactic stars defeat the Breez robot?

The Comic Books

From the fulminations of furious fans, fighting for favorite fanzines, a flat future forebodes for our favorite fictionalist! Other opinions are offered, but be sure to duck while reading!

Honor and Blood

Can the child born out of an unholy union between man and vampire grow up to lead a "normal" life? You can't escape the sins of your parents. Their errors ripple faintly down the generations.

Dead Man's Ship

Coincidences of the most bizarre kind can unhinge sanity. A strange place, an odd situation: who knows what happens? If all about you lose their head sbe sure to keep yours-the result can be death!

Divine wind

The golden hoard of Kubla Khan swept across Eurasia to create the largest empire the world had known. The Khan case covetous eyes upon Japan's serene islands. Can warriors beat the prayers of peasants?

Don't Drink the Water

an anonymous alien mission to Earth attempts to save its members from infection. But one man's medicine is another's poison. Matty and Mark go on a killing spree, an entire city goes nuts!

Bruce Bloodletter

Crazies crammed on Catatonia conceal criminals keeping currency from cosmic coin collectors. Bruce of the I.R.S. pursues tax cheats. But you have to be a little crazy to find the ones who are!

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