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Dear Cousin Eerie

Chuck Burger showed a copy of the cover of a VAMPI comic to his mother and asked if it was "obscene". Her answer will amuse you. Brian Caden questions the seriousness of DuBay when he dialogs several very odd phrases for a band of Vikings.

Rook: Strange Places Two

Organ Lo had traveled across time and space to fight beside his hero, The Rook. When it appeared as if they would finally meet on the mud covered street of a western town in 1879, ironically, they'd be on opposite sides of the law!

The Comic Books

One of the great, not to mention controversial, innovations of the comics field was the Classics Illustrated series. Some looked upon them as instant book reports, others as inspiration to read the novel. Here is a brief history and, sadly, an obituary.

Honor and Blood

The family Vrykola had a reputation for villainy and even for vampirism. IT was a heritage they could not escape and a legacy they dared not pass on. But they did survive, from the seventeenth century to this day with a family tree rooted in blood.

Moonshadow: Kingdom

The assassin who never failed tricked Death into granting him twenty million lifetimes only to find Death a poor loser. Before him was the Changer and a girl who withered from his touch. Their purpose: to see that Moons spent his lives in madness!

The Einstein Factor

He was lost in the middle of the ocean, waiting on a strange little island for rescue. He was sure they were looking for him; after all. he was a hero. But what was taking so long? He was in plain sight. The worms had found him easily enough!

Jones: Slime creature

Abelmar Jones and Stanley were on the prowl along the veldt of the ashpalt jungle, the section known as Harlem. They were searching for anything they could steal. After their last caper they believed they'd seen it all till along came Slimy







Story Arcs

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