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Cold Sweat

Sticks and Fang were en-route to Vesuvia to play a game of ice hockey in the intergalactic olympics but were sidetracked to a iceteroid. There, Minion's minions challenged to an 'explosive' variation of hockey.

The Comic Books

JB explains why he has rarely criticized Warren magazines in the past and then rights his wrong with criticism. We show what sports we are by printing hi column in our magazines and even pay him for it!

Rook: Strange Places

Organ Lo came to Earth, with powers greater that those of most mortal men, only to become the hapless pawn of a greedy terran female. Only one man could stop Lo and he wasn't born!

For the Homo Sapiens

The animals asked for equal pay for equal work but the homo sapiens refused. That caused the great revolt. Antilles was caught up in the fighting and, though an ape, all he wanted was out!

Moonshadow: Cry

He'd come to the desert in search of the Changer and found, in the city of the Changer, a lost love, Suzanna. In their youth they had trained to be assassins but, unlike Moonshadow, she failed!

Abelmar Jones: Bad Day

It was one of those sticky summer days in the Big Apple when it was hard for a couple of streetwise urchins to keep out of mischief. Still, magic wasn't the wisest way to beat the doldrums!

Gaffer: The Final Wish

Death was no stranger to Jamie. His friendship with Gaffer had seen him through several passes from Death's icy hands. Now the world's salvation rested in hellish inheritance from the dead.







Story Arcs

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