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Dear Cousin Eerie

Gordon Rhodes has written that Warren magazines exhibit nudity and refer to evolution. We do. He considers such to be pornographic and irreligious. We don't. We invite controversy and your opinions.

Rook: Helga the Damned

Sludge, the stercoraceous lump on Dane's head, had turned the Rook into a pawn while Marmadrake changed Manners into a puppet. Bishop, meanwhile, was battling the oleaginous Helga!

The Comic Books

In spite of a deluge of protests concerning his recent put down, J.B. tell his critics to KISS off. Also noted is a brand new Science Fiction magazine by Warren and a note on the passing of Asterix creator, Goscinny.

Elijah Arnold

Godsbluff was once the settlement of a sect known as the Rounders. They believed the circle was the perfect shape and constructed their barns in that form. Elijah had sworn to save their culture for a good reason!

Francesca: Part Two

When Jean and Scott Harmon agreed to temporarily adopt the girl from the past they had no idea what they had let into their home. They did get an inkling when they found a corpse in Francesca's bed.

Moonshadow: The Sun

The old man was once the assassin who never failed but he had left that way behind him. Now Death was pressing him back into service. Moonshadow would serve his former master or forfeit his life!

Annual Warren Awards

Each month our artists and writers deliver work to the yellow...uh, hallowed pages of our comics, above and beyond the call of payment. Here is our way of thanking them for their fine efforts.







Story Arcs

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