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Dear Cousin Eerie

The "All Richard Corben" issue was a smash hit. The monster-filled cover was terrific and alone worth the price. One would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite from the mad "Slipped Mickey" to the darkly brooding "Shadow."

The Rook: Future-shock

The Rook was lost, trapped in a Chinese Fortune Cookie! But then he appeared, suddenly, in his lab, took with him a single item... a mysterious thing he always knew he'd need when he visited the future!

Rook Contest Winners!

Response to The Rook's contest was better than even expected. Most entries showed great skill and imagination. Our judges had a tough job choosing the winners from the entries. Is your name among the lucky ones?

The Comic Books

Brancatelli fells the time has come for Stan Lee to pay for publishing a comic that treats as superheroes an unusual hard rock band Joe describes as "...totally reprehensible" Which group, you ask? We wouldn't KISS and tell.

Scallywag: The Key

Though Sully and Hickey held the sword, without the statue of the Screaming God they could do nothing. Now the Ninja who tried to assassinate the Daimyo had escaped. And with her went all hope of recovering it.

Deathball, 2100 A.D.

Since before the time of his birth, LG-3 was totally conditioned for only one purpose. He had been drugged and trained until he was the perfect athletic warrior for the deadliest competition of!

Boiling point

A killer was at large, shoving unwary railriders under the rolling wheels of oncoming subway trains. The thankless assignment of tracking the killer fell to New York detective Tony Sanguino, a hard N.Y. cop close to his boiling point!

The Junkyard Battles

It was those screwball Scientists' fault for combining Terran metal with that weird metal from Pluto. Thus, began the war. Brick had to set it straight by Zapping XX-8. Easy, if a razor didn't shave him first.







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