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Dear Cousin Eerie

"...never has any story in Eerie stayed in my mind for such a long time..." comments Herny Kujawa. Brian Caden calls it "A corny Vaudeville skit..." So, what's the story?

Rook: The Fortune Cookie

Granny Gadget, a grandmother only Dracula could love, sends her Doomsday machine to Rook's headquarters to stomp it to mush! Where is the Rook? Still lost in Nowhen!

Brancatelli: Comic Books

Big company finances is the target for No Holds-Barred Brancatelli. He reports on the "Rites of Spring" when the profits and losses are examined. What's behind the double talk?

Scallywag: Demon Sword

Hickey Lubus owned a gambling house and a fancy cane with a black sword blade inside the shaft. The sword turned men into flame and was the key to a Chinese secret curse!

Years and Mind Forever

Lyendecker's body had been chomped in half by a dinosaur and his mind was now within Karen's body...or was it? There was some thing in the film something that glistened.

Gaffer: The Second Wish

They had traveled billons of miles towards Earth to create a new Messiah for their own planet. Unfortunately, they chose the wrong girl at the wrong time in the wrong place!

The Incredible Illusions

It was only a circus sideshow advertisement for the citizens of Autzberg. But Ira had the power to turn a simple trick into a fantastic illusion. Then it got out of hand!

Hunter 3: Oblivion

Hunter #1, Demian, and Hunter #2, Karas, had taught humans to live in harmony with their one time deadly foes - the Goblins! The world was at peace but the stage was set for Hunter 3

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