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Attack On A Hilton Hotel

The situation is this: orbiting Saturn are two hotels and one day the Waldor attacked the Hilton. War is hell. In space it's murder!

Brancatelli: Comic Books

J.B. does not cover strips in his column...note the title. If he did cover comic strips he would not report on that boring NCS!

The Oval Portrait!

He was hypnotized by the painted, a tribute to a goddess of unparalleled beauty . But as the book said, it was a tale of love and horror!


They had gathered to bid farewell to the plague-ridden corpse of Zoilus. They were seven comrades until the shadow came. Then the real party began!

Pinball Wizard!

The one thing Pop Jonas didn't need in his candy store was a pinball machine. Schmied believed otherwise and Schmied never accepted "No!"

Change...Into Something

Halloween: a night for witches, goblins and werewolves. That big guy had some costume. It fit like a skin and it didn't come off!

The Slipped Mickey

Nugent got what he deserved from the Click-Lick Express. His wife got hers and his dog got buried by a bone. Now, you will get yours!

Magnificent Friedhelm

How did he do it? Friedhelm dove a hundred feet into a pit only a foot deep. Two knew his secret but telling would break the pact!

Frozen Beauty

Maleva was as grotesque as her niece, Marianne, was beautiful but Maleva had a plan. It was unfortunate for her that beauty is only skin deep!







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