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The brave Samurai, one respected warriors, were now feared as vagabonds and hated as thieves. Their bitterness was volatile. they were restless. Searching for a fight. then along came Captain Sully!

Darklon: Retribution

It was time for Darklon to free his father. He had given up his body to the Nameless One to achieve this purpose. He was determined, even though it meant damnation!

Boat: On Moonlight Bay

The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea in a nuclear holocaust! The first port for the Pea Green Boat was nearly their last. For a night-stalking monster had also landed!

Tombspawn: Vampire

They were remnants of the Old Earth. The tribes. The vampires! But vampires were no threat. The aliens knew how to eliminate them. Or wold it be the other way around?

Third Person Singular: II

Dr. Otis had been killed, not by Snuffers a woman! Why was a girl dressed in a Snuffer's robe? Were there others? Rick had to know. Even if it meant tragedy!

Cronk: Queen of Purple

IT was a simple mission. All the devilboard had to do was deliver a half dozen...eggs! They weren't ordinary. But Cronk asked no questions. 'Til the deadly queen hatched!







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