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Time and Time Again

Jeff journeyed to the past to rescue trapped time traveler, Linda. In doing so he lost his life. But what mattered most was his missing gun. Linda must retrieve the weapon...or risk a chance of changing history!

Brancatelli: Comic Books

The beloved Burroughs characters temporarily lost a home in comics when National ceased publication of their adventures. Who will pick up the option? Which company will be next to publish Tarzan's exploits?

The Pea Green Boat

"I've lined our sailboat's hull with plates of lead and steel." bragged Al Green. "Below is enough ammo to equip an army!" "No!" screamed his partner. "You're mad!" But Al's madness was survivor's deadly sanity!

Darklon: The Price

Mystic sorcerer, beyond man's law though he was, Darklon still retained some faith...some human feelings...some love for the man he called Father. And now he had discovered that his father was trying to kill him!

Third Person Singular

Lee's was a world populated by men. Babies were created in test tubes. there were no women. And those rare, condemned few with heterosexual longings were hunted...destroyed by government controlled Snuffers!

Sam's Son and Delilah

Sam's deaf-mute son didn't need ears to paint. The kid was a genius. But Sam did not care. Because his kid was a natural at something better. Football! And that talent meant more than the boy himself!







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