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Death of a Friend

A Mummy stalked the deserted streets of Cairo. Its mission was murder. And its victims were beautiful women...who, coincidentally, had scored the advances of Jerome Curry.

The Mind Within

Jerome Curry found an amulet. Now he could transfer minds...with any properly preserved mummy. It never occurred to him that once in the mummy's body...he might b there forever!

Ghoulish Encounter.

Jerome was trapped. He was in the mummy's corpse. And without the amulet, he could not get out. So he must find the amulet. And he must protect his own unconscious body!

Enter, Mr. Hyde

Warren wanted to create a longer life-span for mankind. And thought he had the serum to do so. 'Til he injected himself, and became a raging monster. Could even the mummy stop him?

Village of the Insane

The mummy discovered who stole his amulet. He followed her into the desert. There before a ruined temple, he face his most awful enemy. A demon conjured by madmen!

And An End

Curry was caught in a body that had been dead thousands of years. A ponderous, rotting, almost immobile hulk! And Curry found it difficult, impossible to escape the torch-laden mob!

Hope of the Future

He was a palm-reader. A professional who believed a person's future was written in his hand. Then he entered a class full of children. And read in their palms no future at all!

Brancatelli: Comic Books

Many comics are not selling because no one sees them. Who's at fault? The distributors, and publishers who can't, or won't, make the effort to insure good distribution.







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