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Deliver the Child

Mr. Digger had conjured up the demon named Jahnte. Unfortunately, it was easier to call on a hellish imp than to control him. The angry demon, bent on revenge, would obey no one except his own horrible instincts!

Wolfer: Highsong

Wolfer O'Connel had always been a brother to the Crow Indians. So why had they come to kill him? What was this "beast" they were babbling about? Wolfer had wit and courage...but was that enough to keep him alive?

Oogie: The Scroungers

Thelma Starbust, goddess of Oogie's planet, was prepared for invasions. Little green cannibals. Cyclotic giants. Buy-eyed octopi. Anything. But not the dreaded IRS! Anywhat the IRS shouldn't be able to tax a goddess.

Hypnos: The Silver Key

The insulted artist picked Peter up...then hurled him through his painting into a mad wonderland. there only one goal made sense. Find the key. Unlock the door. Then leave. But there were thousands of keys!

Beware Darklon, Mystic

Four assassins had struck swiftly but not accurately. Darklon's concubine lay dead in his place. On her blood her swore his revenge but his search for the killers led him to his own house!







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