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Demons of Jeremiah Cold

Dr. Bottles found his childrens' bodies. They had been cruelly tortured...nailed to railroad ties...left to die in the scorching sun. Jeremiah Cold discovered Dr. Bottles. His father, the demon man with the silver bracelet, found the murderers!


She was old...evil itself! Like a spider, she had woven an intricate web...of horror...of death. The Freaks had been caught...accidentally. And they would help her reach her wicked goal. They would become studs in her stable of terror. And would breed more human monsters!

Oogie and the Worm

As resident god, Kil Gore Trowt did exactly as he pleased...relived Buck Blaster's video adventures. As the terrible Oogi Finger, he fought heroic Buck and his loyal sidekick, Thelma Starbust. Till Thelma demanded her own adventures...and damn Buck!


The universe is populated with living entities...malignant and benign...miniscule and tremendous. Danger is everywhere. A man, escaping a fanged beast of prey, might easily succumb to the invisible. And fall before a microscopic particle too small for him to perceive!

Gillian and the Pirates

You might have called Gillian Taxi mad...had his inventions not worked so beautifully. But even his most loyal supporters questioned the practicality of his latest brain storm. His flying tea kettle...his taxi-cab...powered with ruby dust.







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