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Hunter II: Phoenix' Death

The journey had ended for Karas Hunter and Exterminator. In the cave of the black magician, the evil Mandragora, they faces their final challenge. They had overcome goblins, trolls, mutants, dragons. They now faces deceit, destruction and death!

Freaks: Carnival

A caravan of monsters rolled into town around midnight. Every kind of human deformity was represented. Every sort of freak. And then two children crept out of their house...hurried to see the freaks, rushed to join the terrible carnival that was then in progress!

Tombspawn: Vampire, 1992

Time: tomorrow. Place: Earth. Atmosphere: radioactive. Ecology: berserk. Two heroes are about to fight a mutant hammerhead land shark with bows and arrows. They will survive to face an even greater evil from the past now free to roam the earth!

It...The Death Thing

The circus had come to Foleyville, It promised excitement...laughter. It delivered evil. Thieves, disguised as clowns, plotted to steal a treasure. To do so they must face the deadly guardian of the Foley manse...a terrifying apparition from the grave!

Peter Hypnos: The Hole

The fanged bunny told Peter that shrinking was fine...once you gut used to it. But Peter hated it. And there was only one way out. He must get smaller and smaller til he was hardly there at all...then risk a journey through the final hole!







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