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You've followed the comic page from typewriter to drawing board. But what happens after that? It makes a short stop at the Production Department for finishing touches before making the final journey to the printer.

Coffin: Halfwalk

Once again abandoned in the desert, left to die, Coffin was unable to embrace death. He had been here before. But this time rescue was close at hand. He was cared for. Offered a job. As star monster in a carnival of circus freaks!

Hunter II: Goblin

Yaust, the Goblin Lord, was well versed in treachery...hell-bent to dominate his dying world. But now, two determined beings barred his way. Karas...Goblin slayer...Hunter II. And a specialized hero from the 22nd century!


Chuck Mayhew was your ordinary draft dodger. His land of opportunity lay just beyond the Canada border. So why was he naked in a land where the hero was king and a man's sword did his talking? Why was he to do battle with the cyclops?

Muck Monster

Once an animal crawled forth from the primal ooze, stood on two legs and declared itself Man. Now man, called himself God, has recreated that primal ferment. With no guarantee that what crawls out a 2nd time will be quite human.

Deep Brown & Jorum

It's no fun being a hero if there's no one but yourself to enjoy it. Deep Brown and Jorum felt this way. Through twelve swashbuckling adventures, they were each others best audience. Each was a hero and they were legend!







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