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Comics...The Art

"You can save a bad story with great art, bud bad art will ruin a great story every time." This axiom is familiar to a lot of comic fans. But what makes great art? Talent. Ego. Persistence. Training. Time. And a lot of very hard work.

Coffin: Death's Colors

The Indians tortured Coffin. He had been half eaten by ants when he escaped. But he was denied mortality. When he spotted the caravan in the desert, he knew instinctively that it brought evil. And promise of death!

Hunter II: Phoenix Fire

Atomic War. Destroyed civilization. Mutant goblins have inherited the earth. Humanity fights and inevitably loses to the fangs and claws of the mutants. then someone unearths a fighter's helmet and discovers a hero!

Hacker's Last Stand

Severed heads rolled in London's alleyways. Appeared gift-wrapped at Police Headquarters. The mad Hacker struck again and again. Now Inspector Smythe was marked for destruction. Is this the end of Smythe or the Hacker.

Crackermeyer: Gold

Apaches brutally razed the settlement. A black woman and her children were taken captive. Gold's family. Then a legend was born. The Black Shadow of Death stalked the Apaches. Burning. Scalping. Slaying. Seeking revenge!

Merlin: The Kingmaker

Old Englonde. Ravaged by Roman invaders. Ruined by civil war. Ripe for a hero-king. But real kings are not born, they are made. By skill, cunning and blackest sorcery. Merlin was a sorcerer...and a maker of Kings.

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