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Seven Trials of El Cidd

Trials by land and sea. Trials by air, fire and water. these were El Cid's reward. He had slain the Moorish sorcerer king, Shadhal Bhegar. Now he must face the curses the dying wizard had called upon him. The air around El Cid was breathless with apprehension. The first terror struck from the sea.

The Lady And The Lie

Each demon has a purpose. Az and Ahriman had come straight from Hades' Gate. Their mission was simple. They were to tempt hapless humans to commit terrible sins. Then rush their deceived souls to Hell. "El Cid is a warrior lord," they thought,, "and used to force. If he but ravishes one woman, his soul is ours."

The Emir of Aragon

Arias was the most beautiful woman El Cid had seen. That she was ta tribute from the conquered Emir of Aragon added to the aura that surrounded her. During the day she delighted the King with her moorish tales. the enchantment of her nights belonged to El Cid alone. And to the dark purpose that guided her!







Story Arcs

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