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The Eerie Eye

A double-barrelled treat this issue. Ken Kelly, cover artist extraordinaire reveals his secret...the kind of artwork he lies to do best. Plus...a preview of forthcoming series by Gonzalo Mayo!

Coffin: Death Wish

The witch-doctor had done this...staked him out in the blazing desert sun, to be slowly roasted and eaten by cannibal ants. He had been left to a coward's death. But his soul refused to die!

Killer Hawk

Earth started the war. They were the heavies. But to them, we were in the wrong...we Martians as they called us. They wanted our land. We refused them. Now the greedy Earthmen would have to die!

Cotton Boy & Captain Blood

Cotton Boy hated all white folks. They worked him, spit on him...and kept him chained. Mostly, Cotton boy hated the man who sold him into slavery. He hated enough to kill!

And The Mummies Walk

Arthur Lemming was cursed. He was a werewolf. But through witchcraft his mind was trapped in the corpse of a mummy. Only one thing could save him...the amulet of power!

Dr. Archaeus: Foreplay

Miles Sanford was dead. Killed by a madman he had hunted; the murderous Dr. Archaeus. Now, Archaeus would have to die. And one man was his equal. The assassin, Blackraven

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