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And The Mummy Walks

Jerome Curry, mummy alive, finds his greatest challenge as he battles a demon controlling a town whose entire population has gone mad!

Curse of the Werewolf

the werewolf called Arthur Lemming has sought every kind of aid in hope of being normal. Now a witch promises him a cure, for a price!

Hunter: Demon Killer

The demons attack anew, and it's up to Hunter to warn the people. Only, they're more interested in hanging Hunter...a half-demon.

The Christmas Spirit

Will Eisner's greatest creation, The Spirit, comes to life again in this special preview of a new Warren magazine, colored by Corben.

Schreck: Bright Eyes

They took a broken man, replaced his severed hand with a fantastic weapon, and gave him life. Now it's up to himself to stay that way!

Dr. Archaeus: Evil Dies

Twelve men condemned Archaeus to die on the gallows. Then one day, one of the twelve was murdered. A clear case of Archaeus-killing!

The 1973 Warren Awards

Who will receive the coveted 1973 Warren Awards? Jose Gonzalez? Auraleon? Sanjulian? Neal Adams? Our fourth annual presentation.

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