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The Eerie Eye

It's no secret! Some of our writers use phoney names. But this weirdo Bruce Bezaire refuses to chance his name to something a little more believable.

And The Mummy Walks

His mind trapped in the body of a centuries old mummy, Jerome Curry is forced into a town where madness prevails, a town of ghouls!

Curse of the Werewolf

Arthur Lemming, bruised, beaten and chased from his home stumbled into a gypsy encampment. And the werewolf meets a gypsy witch.

Hunter: Demon-Killer

The war is over! There is nothing left. No technology. No humanity. Few men! There is a new race now. A race of mutants. the Demons!

The Beheaded

Bianca Eden was raped and beheaded nearly two hundred years ago. Now she stalks her castle in search of her own head...or a suitable replacement for it!

The Golden Kris

It is said there is a sword that can make a man king. And on the bloody streets of the Barbary Coast there are cutthroats who dream of royalty.

Dax the Warrior

The battle has long since been silenced. Only bloody remains of men litter the more than meat for the buzzards. Among them is the mighty Dax!


Who's the real werewolf? Is it Ruby Lisp? Pinkie Claw? or Scarlet O'Hare? There's only one werewolf. And it could be you when you play the free game, in this issue!

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