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A Stranger in Hell

I stand on the tracks awaiting the death that will come with the train thundering down on me. But it is useless! I know now that I cannot die!

Pity the Grave Digger

Poor old Elias was a grave digger. It was a quiet, peaceful job...up until the day when half eaten corpses began rising from graves.

The Caterpillars

The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, the worms play pinochle on your snout! Giant caterpillar-worms develop a taste for fresh human flesh.

Evil Spirits

What happens when a man becomes involves with not one, but two jealous, possessive women? Why, the poor fellow doesn't stand a ghost of a chance!

Head Shop

Christopher was captivated by the haberdasher's dummy. With every passing day, the dummy looked more like a real person. Christopher lost his head over it!

Vision of Evil

Conrad Archer was an old man someone had locked away in an insane asylum. But he loved to paint pictures of grotesque monsters...vividly real monsters.

The Curse of Kali

Like most of her Majesty's troops in India. I was a lonely trooper...until I met the girl! She was beautiful, seductive. But really quite deadly!







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