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And The Mummy Walks

Jerome Curry lusts for the thrill of the kill. He seizes the ancient Egyptian amulet of power ...and a madman becomes the Mummy.

The Eerie Eye

What is it like to be a comic book artist and have hordes of admiring young readers throwing themselves at your feet? Paul Neary still doesn't know!

Curse of the Werewolf

The town of Dwarves Bay is up in arms. A littler girl and a good man have been killed. And a murderous wolf-creature prowls free!

Daughter of Satain

Satan answers the call of a power-mad woman who lusts for beauty and eternal life. From her desires, the being, Dracula, is spawned!

Monarch's Homecoming

Two thousand years the king has been away. And he hasn't aged a day. So naturally his wrinkled hag of a wife welcomes him to her bed!

The Lord's Wrath

It doesn't pay to be a wicked master. A medieval lord finds out the hard way that he should never ever ride his wild serfs! A great tale of horror!

The Disciple

Wild hippie girls will be the downfall of us "straights" yet. Or so it seems when countless people drop like flies before the all-powerful Lord and Savior!

Dax The Warrior

A winged warrior lays down to die. But Dax refuses to allow a man's self-pity and shame destroy him. Esteban Maroto's might warrior here again.

Creepy Crawley Game

Ever dream about being a chilling vampire? Maybe you've always wanted to be a werewolf or a mummy. Well, now's your chance, bunky!

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