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Marvin, The Dead-Thing

Marvin had been lonely for weeks...ever since he killed himself by jumping off the bridge into the slime that passed itself off as a river, but Marvin found a friend. And she too, was dead.

And The Mummy Walks

The ancient Egyptian amulet of power falls into power-mad hands. And a man on the brink of insanity feels the thrill of becoming the all-powerful Mummy, and learns how to kill!

Curse of the Werewolf

Once more, bristle animal hairs cover the naked white flesh of Arthur Lemming. the beast in him has killed his little girl. Now, he lusts for the blood of his unfaithful wife.

The Alien Nation

Machines, trained killer-robots lash into the patriots, and a dozen freedom-fighters fall, writhing in agony. An alien nation has taken control of the earth. But men still struggle to be free.

Fear Itself

The crazies are out tonight...out to spread madness and mayhem over a sane world. but who are the crazies? And who are the sane? Can anyone truly say what is madness in a world of confusion?

Dax The Warrior

Madness erupts in the bowels of an ancient, musty castle as Fax meets Walenka, the beautiful and seductive goddess of his dreams. But Walenka lives only at a vampire.

The Eerie Eye

What is it like to be a world renowned comic book artist? Jaime Brocal doesn't know. But he tells all about the way we kick him around when he brings in his art assignments. More of our great secrets.

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