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The Son of Dracula

a shotgun blast rips through the body of the vampire king as he returns to Castle Dracula. And a lone old man sits calmly back in his rocking chair, smiling as Dracula lies dying before him.

And An End

From out of a time-worn crypt, the half-decomposed, still powerful body of the Mummy strides. And a mind clotted and clouded by a numbing death and centuries of entombment, is controlled by a madman.

Think of Me, I'll Be There

Just call out my name, and you know wherever I am, I'll come running, to haunt you again! A corpse rises to meet its old lover, and a teddy bear shows that it too, is lovable.

A Stalking Moonlit Night

A full moon rises, and Arthur Lemming feels bristle animal hair covering his naked white flesh! Animal instincts control his mind! For Arthur is a werewolf! and Arthur must KILL!

The Resurrection Man

The world is full of fools! People dying when there is no need to die! Unnecessary pain! Gregor Sampson knew the folly of it all. For only Gregor could bring the dead back to life!

The Sacrifice

Seeking gold and the physical treasure of a beautiful girl, Dax, the warrior, must face corpses of soldiers long dead. He enters the Cave of the Damned! Sword and Sorcery and Sex as you like it!

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